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Seeking a Regional Representative for Operating Room Nurses Association of Greater Toronto Area (ORNGT)

Attention ORNGT/GTA Perioperative Nurses!

Are you passionate about perioperative nursing and eager to lead in your community? ORNAO is seeking a dedicated individual to serve as the Operating Room Nurses Association of Greater Toronto Area (ORNGT) Regional Representative on our leadership team.

A part of ORNAC, ORNAO is an organization committed to advancing perioperative nursing through education, advocacy, and professional development. We strive to enhance patient care and promote excellence within the field of perioperative nursing across Ontario.

Role Description:

As an ORNGT Regional Representative, you will:

  • Act as Liaison: Serve as a point of contact between ORNAO and perioperative nurses in the GTA.

  • Advocate: Advocate for the interests and needs of perioperative nurses within your area.

  • Promote ORNAO: Raise awareness of ORNAO's mission and initiatives among local nurses and healthcare professionals.

  • Collaborate: Work closely with ORNAO's executive team to support organizational goals and initiatives.

Benefits of Serving as a Regional Representative:

  • Leadership Opportunity: Develop leadership skills and expand your professional network.

  • Influence: Shape the future of perioperative nursing in your region and across Ontario.

  • Recognition: Gain recognition for your contributions to advancing perioperative nursing practice.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in becoming an ORNGT Regional Representative, please submit a letter of intent outlining your qualifications and why you are interested in this role to


  • Must be a member of ORNAC/ORNAO.

  • Must be a Perioperative Registered Nurse who is working in the perioperative setting.

  • Not an employee or representative of a company whose primary business involves the development, manufacture and sole distribution of products in the field operating room care.

  • The individual cannot be a consultant of ORNAO.

For more information about becoming the ORNGT Regional Representative and the application file, visit or contact us at

We look forward to welcoming a passionate individual to our team!

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