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ORNAO Scholarship / Bursary

Awards Ceremony

About the Award

The Operating Room Nurses Association of Ontario believes nurses who care for patients in the operating room require specialized knowledge. We also believe that the theoretical knowledge as well as the managerial, leadership and research skills required to improve and enhance the practice of operating room nursing is acquired beyond the diploma level.

The Operating Room Nurses Association of Ontario is pleased to announce the continuation of the ORNAO Scholarship/Bursary. Financial awards will be granted to Registered Nurses who meet the eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible?

This scholarship will be awarded to assist ORNAO members further their education in areas that will enhance perioperative nursing practice.

NOTE: Certificate CPN(C) is not a program and therefore is not eligible. Only one application per degree.


Applicants must be:

  1. Registered Nurses currently working in perioperative nursing (General staff, education, administration and research).

  2. Membership in the Operating Room Nurses Association of Ontario (ORNAO) through active membership in a regional Association, for a minimum of two consecutive years preceding application.

How to Apply

Required Documentation

  1. Application form completed in full (Click here for the printable application form).

  2. Autobiographical letter, stating future benefit to perioperative nursing, reason for application and a brief summary of nursing experience (2 pages).

  3. Letters of reference from two nursing professionals, who have personal knowledge of the applicant's nursing and academic abilities, indicating the applicant's potential to succeed (Click here for a sample).

  4. Written verification of ORNAO membership and activity, signed by the Regional President (Click here for a sample).

  5. Letter of acceptance from Educational Institution.

  6. Program content, brochure, etc.

  7. Program components completed to date - proof of successful completion.

  8. Successful candidates will submit proof of successful completion of total program.


NOTES: Nurses may apply more than once. Applicants are not eligible for award if a previous winner for the same degree or program. CPN(C) is not a program and therefore not eligible. ORNAO members that apply for the Scholarship/Bursary and are a member of the Scholarship/Bursary Committee shall resign from the committee in advance of applying.


Application Deadline


  • Applications submitted after this date will not be considered

  • All applicants will be notified in writing of the decision of the committee by April

  • Successful candidates will be recognized at the biennial Operating Room Nurses Association Provincial Conference

  • Decision by review board is final

Applications must be submitted to the ORNAO President
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