Operating Room Nurses Association of Ontario

ORNAO Scholarship / Bursary

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Previous Recipients

1999 Theresa Markowski (SENORA)
Heather Mingo (ORNGT)
2000 Katherine Radcliffe (ORNAHD)
Rose Puopolo (ORNGT)
2001 Donna Lyle (ORNAHD)
Donna Yates (ORNGT)
2002 Genevieve Micallef (ORNGT)
Ann Barlett (ORNAHD)
2003 Aleksandra Spanovich (ORNGT)
Jodi Clements (ORNGT)
2004 Mariana Markovic (ORNAHD)
2005 Cielo Bingley (ORNGT) 2006 Linda Becker (ORNAHD)
2007 Lisa Young (ORORNA) 2008 Anita Esson (NOORNA)

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